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Patier, St Saviour


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Property name



Patier Lane, St Saviour

Type of property

1823 country house, now demolished. Evidence of earlier houses on the site


No transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Amy: Built by Philippe Amy


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Demolished before the listing scheme started

Old Jersey Houses

This house is covered in both volumes.

It is described in Volume One as a 'beautiful house, with an enclosed courtyard'. The architecturel features of windows and doors are covered in some detail.

'The chimneys have disappeared, perhaps when tile replaced thatch on the roof.

Although the article mentions 17th and 18th century datestones, it does not clearly explain their presence in a 19th century property. This is referred to as 'the modern house' but the article is very confusing about how many different houses have actually stood on the site

A lengthy article in Volume Two records the controversy over plans to demolish this house in the 1970s. It was said to be too large, having too large a garden and being in a poor state of repair - claims all refuted by the author, in a diatribe protesting against the loss of old houses to developers of expensive estates.

The house had a stately flight of granite steps leading to a porch supported on four pillars. It was a good example of a local proprietor retaining the basic vernacular style and adding classical details, while eschewing the more flamboyant typer which was soon to appear on the Jersey scene.

Notes and references

  1. This stone could read EC or EG but there is no marriage record matching either interpretation and no children's baptism records which could help
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