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St Lawrence Parish Church


A magnificent chestnut tree once stood in the churchyard, near where the lychgate was later built

St Lawrence Parish Church

St Lawrence's Church is one of the 12 ancient parish churches of Jersey; it is sited on St Lawrence Main Road in an impressive line of buildings consisting of the Church, Parish Hall, Arsenal and School


Named after Saint Lawrence (225-258), martyred on a gridiron as a part of Emperor Valerian's persecution of christian priests and deacons. Legend has it that during his torture Lawrence cried out "This side’s done, turn me over and have a bite." wiki

The gridiron is the parish emblem.


The church is known to have existed before 1198 and is stone vaulted with a tile roof. It has a Norman saddleback tower with a cross at the apex of each gable and Norman windows on each side at top floor level.

The tower narrows in line with the roof apex, indicating the point from which it was raised in the restoration of 1890-1892.

The interior consists of the nave, nave aisle, crossing, north and south transepts and the Hamptonne Chapel. This chapel is considered by many to be the finest example of ecclesiastical architecture in the island. It was built in 1542 by the Rector, Louis Hamptonne.



12th Century

  • Geoffrey 1198

13th Century

  • Ralph du Val 1200
  • Guillaume Viventis 1297

14th Century

  • Vivian Mahumet 1309
  • Guillaume Pallot 1337-1340
  • Nicholas Hastyn 1350
The chestnut tree in leaf

15th Century

  • André Maret 1497-1502

16th Century

  • Louis Hamptonne 1502-1558
  • Etienne Gallichan 1567-1570
  • Edouard de Carteret 1572-1576
  • Claud Parent 1577-1580
  • Françoise Le Brocq 1580-1583
  • Josue Bonhomme 1583-1627

17th Century

  • Thomas Payn 1627-1649
  • Josue Ahier 1650-1693
  • Philippe de la Place 1693-1705

18th Century

  • Jean Baptiste Sorsoleil 1709-1729
  • Philippe de Gruchy 1730-1747
  • Edouard Bisson 1748-1782
  • Amice Bisson 1782-1812

19th Century

  • George du Heaume 1812-1852
  • Thomas Orange 1852-1887
  • Adolphus Balleine 1887-1929

20th Century

  • Philip John Mourant 1929-1938
  • Charles du Heaume 1938-1954
  • Lawrence Helleur 1954-1962
  • Francis Turner 1963-1972
  • Henry Mauger Le Feuvre 1972-1980
  • Laurence Binder 1980-1990
  • Neville Beamer 1990-1995

21st Century

  • Phil Warren

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