Papers relating to the Battle in the Library of La Société Jersiaise

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Papers relating to the
Battle of Jersey in the Library of
La Société Jersiaise

This is an old list of papers in the Societe library relating to the Battle of Jersey. Since it was produced the library's contents have been fully catalogued and other documents may now be listed and accessible via the Societe's website

  • Philiipe Charles Felix Macquart, Baron De Rullecourt
  • Battle of Jersey - List of documents in Societe Jersiaise Library
  • Rullecourt’s invasion of Jersey by E T V Cook. (From Chambers Journal, 4 June 1904)
  • Missing Biographical details of Philippe Charles Felix Macquart, Baron de Rullecourt
  • Verses written at Jersey, 6 January 1781
  • Account of proceedings in States, letters to Peirson’s father. Poems by friends. Account from London Gazette of battle. Account by resident of many years
  • Attack on Jersey by Baron de Rullecourt (found among E F Carey’s papers)
  • Copies of correspondence between States and the father of Major Francis Peirson. Also wallet and letter re Lieutenant Wight of 53rd Regt. Shropshire as given by Beatrice Laurie who claims connection with Pitt the Younger
  • Photostat copies of papers in the States Greffe thought to have been found on Baron de Rullecourt
  • Photographic copy (Found in Susan Lerrier’s scrapbook) of Baron de Rullecourt’s intended proclamation to the inhabitants and two photocopies
  • Letter from R R Marrett, Rector of Exeter College with extract from Boswell’s Journey to the Hebrides with Sam Johnson re Highlanders who served at the Battle of Jersey.
  • Notes on various aspects of Copley’s picture
  • Picture taken from a miniature of Major Francis Peirson
  • Original signature of Rullecourt and others (Photocopy) (Another copy was in B J 2 - now in J M S Museum)
  • Letter of thanks (copy) from Mme Rullecourt to M Lerrier restoring objects of Rullecourt’s entrusted to him on R’s death
  • Death of Veterans of Battle of Jersey (Taken from newspaper cuttings). Extract from St Helier burial register
  • Letter found on Baron de Rullecourt concerning Edouard Millais who was prepared to act as a guide
  • Histoire de Jersey, 1779 to 1780 (author unknown)
  • Abstract of title of heirs at law of Francis Peirson and his sons to Manor Mowthorpe Grange and Diggleby and Kirkby Grindalyth, county of York, 1673-1790. (Widdrington mss)
  • Abstract of titles of Heirs at Law of Sarah Pierson, deceased wife of Francis Peirson to a farm at Elram in the country of York. 1724-1790 (Widdrington mss)
  • Copies of papers dealing with the Battle of Jersey (green folder)
  • Truth about the Battle of Jersey
  • Notebook (mss) - Army career, letters, genealogy etc of Major Peirson. (Williams mss, donated 1974)
  • Photocopy: The Times 15/3/1986 - “On this day” 15 March 1754.
  • The French Attack on the Island of Jersey or the Monsieurs Mistaken (caricature)
  • Attaque de Jersey, vendredi 5 Janvier 1781. List of numbers of names of boats, names of captains, commanders, number of sailors, armaments, Granville 27 December 1780 Rullecourt (MS).
  • Conclusions. Report signed Ch D’Aubry with signatures of Rullecourt and others (photocopies mss)
  • The Battle of Jersey by M J Cohen (Mss)
  • Account of the invasion and battle, 8 January 1781, unsigned photocopy of MS
  • Mayne, R. MS account of the Battle of Jersey with special reference to Major Peirson in reply to a query in the magazine “Soldier”, December 1972, sent on 6 December 1972
  • Copy of letter from Major F Pierson, La Hague, 7 November (before 1781) to Rev Amice Bisson (with envelope)
  • Le Cabinet de Versailles et l’expedition du Baron De Rullecourt a Jersey en 1781 par M Gustave Feron. English translation, typescript
  • Kaner, Jennifer. “York and the Battle of Jersey”. York Historian, No 6, 1985, pp 72-82, copy (incl ref to Copley’s painting)
  • Faiers, J. “Was Major Peirson the only hero of the Battle of Jersey?” In Jersey Topic, January 1867
  • Extratcs from the Queen’s own highlander, vol 21, no 60, Summer 1981: (Fairrie, Lt Col A A) “The 78th and the Battle of Jersey, 1781” 1981, pp 26-34, illus, maps, fascsim, bibliog Begg, Major Gordon). “Two hundred years on. The celebrations of the Bi-Centenary of the Battle of Jersey” p. 33. “The Bi-Centenary of the Battle of Jersey: The Unofficial Story, p. 34. Regimental pictures: The Death of Major Peirson by J.S. Copley, p. 32.
  • Du Feu, F T Major Peirson (a sonnet) 1944, typescript. Extract from “Sonnets to famous Men and Women” ref *808.814 duF. Letter of appreciation sent by Sir John Betjemen to Mr F T du Feu.
  • Theodore le Cerf, “L’Archipel des iles Normandes” extracts. Letters from Prince F Nassau, Doumouriez, Le Comte De Blanzy, to Duc D’Harcourt. Journal of Sieur Reginier 1780 to 1781
  • The death of Major Peirson, 78th anniversary, newspaper cutting, 6 January 1959
  • La Jubile, poeme lyrique, John Sullivan, 8 February 1887
  • Battle of Jersey Centenary: 1) Order of Service at St Helier's Church, 6 January 1881. 2) Illustrated article in the Graphic, 15 January 1881, pp 51-52 3) Photo of a parade in Royal Square, 6 January 1881
  • Battle of Jersey Bi-Centenary: 1) La Pouquelaye School - The Battle of Jersey, 1981 illus, map. Grouville School - The Battle of Jersey (Song with words and music)- 1981, illus. 3) Correspondence/information (1980) re. Descendants of Pierson and Copley who might be invited to Bi-Centenary Memorial Service, 6th January 19801. Also copy of miniature of Major Peirson given by Lord Chelmsford to RRM, 15 March 1933. 4) Banquet menu, L’Horizon, 6 January, 1981. Fascism 1881. Feature in JEP, 6 January 1981 “Battle of Jersey Bi-Centenary 1781-1981” pp 14-19 illus. 5) Pamphlet with pre-publication offer of “Battle of Jersey” by Richard Mayne (to be published October 1980)
  • Charleton, G T. Memoir on exploits of his Gt grandfather Hammond and Gt Gt grandfather Charleton at Battle of Jersey. Dasted 5 August 1922
  • Battle of Jersey re-enanctment by Napoleonic association, August 1996
  • La prise de St Helier: Comic song in French dated 10/1/1924 and composed for Granville carnival, 1924. La Chanson de Pierson. Transcribed 1907
  • The Hero and the Invader (JEP ‘People of the Millenium’ 23/12/1999 re. Major Francis Peirson & Baron Philippe de Rullecourt)
  • Supplement to the Centenary Album 1881
  • 228th Anniversary January 2009, Various cuttings
  • Baron De Rullecourt, Article JEP 9.1.2009
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