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Historic Jersey buildings

Old Farm, St Clement


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Property name

Old Farm

Other names

This house was formerly known as Maison du Moignan.


Grande Route de St Clement, St Clement

Type of property

Former farm


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • De Carteret: The de Carteret family inherited the property through Jeanne Le Maistre, nee Dumaresq
  • Le Gresley: In 1941 Claude Alexandre Le Gresley (1895- ) [1], his wife Beryl Avis, nee Labey (1896- ) and their children John Edward (1921- ) and Beryl Kathleen (1922- ) were living here
  • Dumaresq
  • Le Moignan: Would have given the house its former name
This stone is clearly inscribed MDM. It is not clear whether it has been misread as one of the stones described as HDM, or whether it is additional to those


  • HDM 1714 - For Helier Dumaresq; in the roadside gable end wall. The date 1714 and a Dumaresq coat of arms appear on the gates a little further along to the right
  • HDM 1720 - For Helier Dumaresq, on sundial
  • ECMdeC 1884 added below for Edouard Charles Malet de Carteret

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An early farm group retaining many original features of historic significance. Displays Jersey’s vernacular tradition in the use of local materials and details.

Historic farm group of possible medieval origins (McCormack ascribes 1450 as the earliest build phase).

Understood to have been, in the 1660s, the first Quaker House in Jersey under Helier Dumaresq. There is another datestone

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Detached, L-shaped two storey farm building and a two storey house set back from road, lower single storey range at right angles to main house has south gable fronting the road.

Attached on the west to the main farmhouse is a two-storey L-shaped range.

Old Jersey Houses

By the gate is an heraldic stone with Payn trefoils, dated 1714, and an incision on a corner stone has HDM [2]

The following explanation is given:

"Jeanne Le Maistre (1733-1806) was the daughter of the 1731 marriage of Debora Dumaresq and Jean Dumaresq of Augres (1705-1747). Debora was the daughter of Helier Dumaresq, Constable of St Clement ( -1725) and Jeanne Collas. Helier was the son of Clement Dumaresq, Constable from 1702 to 1705, who married Marie de Carteret, daughter of Philippe de Carteret, of Grouville, and Marie de la Place. In 1723 the Royal court ordered Helier to appear before the court of the small Fief au Sauteur, which belonged to the widow of Francois Payn."

This explanation is somewhat confusing and the author goes on to say that it is not a very convincing explanation of the Payn arms on the gatepost, and a more likely one is that here, as elsewhere, the Dumaresqs followed the curious custom of using the Payn trefoils instead of their own three cockle shells.

Notes and references

  1. We have not been able to place Claude in any of our family trees. He was the son of Edward Le Gresley (1865- ), son of Edward; and Jane Elizabeth Falle, who married in St Martin in 1891
  2. Or possibly MDM - see above
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