Oaklands, St Mary

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Oaklands, St Mary


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Property name



Rue de La Frontiere, St Mary

Type of property

Victorian farm, earlier origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Morin: In 1941 Louis Marie Morin (1902- ), his wife Louisa Mary, nee Rondel (1902- ) and their daughter Louisa Maud (1924- ) were living here. Louis, born in St Mary, was the son of French immigrant Pierre Francois Morin and Marie Josephe Le Girou


  • EPDF ♥ EMCR 1870 - For Edouard Philippe Du Feu, son of Philippe of St Ouen, and Elizabeth Margaret Carrel, daughter of Philippe of St Peter, married in St Ouen in 1866 [1]
  • IMR ♥ TMR 1698 - Now in fragments. Only the IMR remains. Not identified [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Farmstead circa 1870s. A fragment of a larger re-sited datestone can be seen in the fireplace. Two-storey, three-bay house with two storey wing to west.

Extensive outbuildings to north-west, dated 1878.

Notes and references

  1. We have not been able to place Philippe in any of our du Feu trees. There are a number of trees online which purport to show his ancestry, but details vary considerably and the trees are largely inaccurate
  2. Altghough MR could stand for Morin, there is unlikely to be any connections with the family living there in 1941
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