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Historic Jersey buildings

Moulin de La Perrelle, St Martin


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Property name

Moulin de La Perrelle

Other names

  • Mill Farm


Rue du Moulin, St Martin [1]

Type of property

Former watermill


Sold as Mill Farm in 2017 for £2.5 million

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

The building is significant as a former watermill and an historic part of the Island's industrial past. The building retains external historic character, its setting in the landscape and the scale, proportion and stonework.

Mill Farm comprises a mill house and former watermill known as Moulin de la Perrelle. The mill appears in the historic record from the early seventeenth century although the buildings have been remodelled over the years.

The mill was one of the seigneurial mills of the Fief de Rozel (the other being the windmill above Rozel Bay). Moulin de la Perrelle appears in the historic record from the early 17th century but the site is doubtless considerably older, and medieval in origin.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The mill remained with the Fief until sold by P R Lempriere to Charles and Philippe Asplet in 1837. A horse mill (moulin chevaux) is recorded in 1782 and was included in the 1837 sale. It was not mentioned in 1847 when the Asplets sold to Moses Collins. The mill was leased a year later by Collins to the Crown, which was acquiring all the coastal land between Gorey and Flicquet in advance of the building of St Catherine's Breakwater. [2]

Former mill house (two storey with attic, three bay) with old watermill to east.

Old Jersey Houses

Not mentioned despite undoubted antiquity and historical interest

Islander magazine article

[3] reproduced in full in Jerripedia says that La Perrelle mill had long since disappeared. This was clearly inaccurate

Notes and references

  1. St Martin has two Rues du Moulin. This one is near St Catherine. The other, above Rozel, is where Rozel Mill, the parish's windmill, is situated
  2. Jerse Archive holds a contract between Moses Collins and Sir Thomas Le Breton, Procureur General, and Jean William Dupre, Avocat General, on behalf of Queen Victoria, recording the lease of the water mill called Moulin de la Parelle, the land and surrounding edifices bordering the south of the public road in the parish of St Martin in the Fief de Rozel. The lease was for the sum of 65 quartiers of wheat a year.
  3. Jersey watermills|An article in Islander magazine in 1939
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