Mon Plaisir, St Martin

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Mon Plaisir, St Martin


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Property name

Mon Plaisir


Mont Gabard, St Martin

Type of property

Victorian country house


Sold for £470,000 in 2001

Families associated with the property

A number of families were registered at Mon Plaisir, St Martin in 1941. We do not know for certain whether all these registrations relate to this property, or whether there was another house(s) of the same name elsewhere in the parish:

  • Rowe: Stanley Winter Rowe (1914- ), his wife Kathleen, nee Allen (1918- ) and their children Maureen, Pamela, Pauline and Anita
  • Tostevin: Clarence Charles Tostevin (1914- ) and his wife Roselle Amy Tostevin, nee Gruchy (1921- )
  • Crosby: John Alfred Crosby (1812- ), his wife Mildred Norah, nee de Gruchy (1916- ) and their son John Alfred
  • Le Gastelois: Alphonse Le Gastelois (1914- )

Historic Environment Record entry

Despite its age, this is not a listed building. The HER entry says that it was constructed along with a group of four other similar houses in the area, between the late 1830s and 1850. Local tradition is that the houses were built by a shipping merchant for mariners/shipyard workers.

The entry give no information about the property, but concentrates on the history of the other houses

Notes and references

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