Mon Plaisir, St Lawrence

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Mon Plaisir, St Lawrence


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Property name

Mon Plaisir


Mont au Meuniere, St Lawrence

Type of property

Late 19th century house with dower wing


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An elegant and well proportioned late 19th century house with an unusual formal frontage, forming a group with a 17th century dower wing and farm buildings, retaining original features, with possible earlier origins.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two thirds of the house was rebuilt after a fire in 1860.

17th century remains and possible very early origins - suggested by J McCormack as circa 1400.

Datestone on stable probably came from the west wing of the house which has three accolade lintels over the windows, which have been enlarged.

Old Jersey Houses

Apart from mentioning the two datestones, and noting that they should correctly have been engraved RBN SBH, so that the husband's name was given syllabic initials, the brief entry in Vol Two makes no reference to the 1860 fire and the property's early origins:

The main house is impressive, with a good entrance gate, approach avenue and nicely-kept gardens. The house itself appears to be about 1870 in date. [2]

Notes and references

  1. The two stones are mentioned in a single entry in the OJH Vol Two listing, but this stone is not mentioned in the Datestone Register. It is recorded by HER as RB SMB, although the entry attributes both stones to Benest and Bailhache
  2. Apart from mentioning some minor architectural features, that is the extent of the entry, which makes no attempt to explain why a late 19th century house has two 17th century datestones
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