Miss Battle of Flowers picture gallery

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Miss Battle of Flowers picture gallery


1959: Maureen Wittingham with Frankie Vaughan


1958 - Peggy Poole with personality James Robertson Justice
Miss Battle in 1956, Valerie O'Connor, on her float accompanied by her maid of honour
1960 - Carol Geary with personality Stirling Moss
The finalists in the 1962 competition. Patricia Gibson, Frances Poulter, Kathleen Marie, Barbara Drinkall, Sylvia Vivian, Heidi Weibel (maid of honour), Penny Allen (Miss Battle), Sonia Cannon (maid of honour), Susan Brown, Donelda McCall, Diane Simmonite and Margaret Le Geyt
Miss Battle of Flowers 1980, Karen Poole, with her chaperone
Miss Battle of Flowers 2014 - Holly Perchard
Jenny Hill, 1995, with Lionel Blair
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