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Michel Dupre

Michel Dupre, the youngest son of Jean Dupre, Rector of St Helier, and brother of Dean Edouard Dupre, also entered the Church and became Rector of St John


He was born in St Helier in 1767 and entered Pembroke College, Oxford, at the age of 13 as a Morley scholar, obtaining his BA in 1784, MA in 1791 and BD in 1805. In 1792 he was elected Fellow of Exeter.

The Gentleman's Magazine described this election as "the strongest contest ever remembered". There were 14 candidates for five fellowships, and the examination lasted three days.

"The Rev Michael Dupre, afternoon preacher of Tring, was unanimously elected. The other four were elected by a small majority".

From 1797 to 1802 he took charge of the French Episcopal Huguenot Church at Southampton, as Curate to his brother, Edouard, who was non-resident Minister. In 1806 he became second master of Berkhamsted Grammar School, under his nephew Thomas. From 1809 until his death he was Rector of St John, Jersey, but he hardly ever visited his parish, as he was also Chaplain to a Foot Regiment.

His absence caused many troubles in his parish, where his curate, Michel Lusignan, and the Constable were at loggerheads. He died of apoplexy at Southampton on 18 October 1818. He never married.

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