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Regulations touching the Old Cattle Market by the Committee of the Markets, 21 February 1834

The committee having met by virtue of the Act of the States of 21 January 1834, by which they had placed at the disposal of the Committee of Markets the slaughter-houses and the Cattle Market therein mentioned, and had charged the said committee to prepare regulations touching those establishments and relative to the disposal of the Old Cattle Market, recommend to the States to establish privisonally the following rules, and to authorise the said committee to make such changes as to places which shall be assigned to the vendors of merchandise from time to time as experience shall render useful and necessary:

  • The new Cattle Market shall be open to the public from Saturday 18 April 1834
  • The old Cattle Market shall be open to the public, Wednesdays and Saturdays, for the sale of potatoes, shrubs, vegetable plants pigs, oysters and such other merchandise as the committee shall judge proper.
  • No person shall be allowed to sell the merchandise mentioned in the foregoing article in the present markets Wednesdays or Fridays, nor retail them at any time in the streets of the town of St Helier, under a penalty of two livres.
  • Carts laden with the said merchandize shall be allowed to enter the old Cattle Market, but they shall not remain a longer time than is necessary for the sale of the same, under a penalty of two livres for every cotravention.
  • Foreigners shall not expose their merchandize for sale on Saturdays, in any other place than the Potatoe Market, and shall take no other places than those which shall be allotted to them by the competent authorities, under a penalty of two livres.
  • The Viscount, Constable and Centeniers of the parish of St Helier, and the Ispector of Markets, shall have the same rights of Police in the Potatoe market, Cattle market and Slaughter houses, as they possess in the present markets.
  • Penalties shall be levied summarily by one or more of the Public Officers mentioned above and shall be applied for the benefit of the Markets.
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