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Historic Jersey buildings

Maison du Maresquet, St Ouen


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Property name

Maison du Maresquet - the name show in HER

Other names

Les Landes Farm - the name shown in OJH and the Datestone Register


Route des Landes [1]

Type of property

Farm with origins as early as the 15th century


No recent transactions

The Les Landes area as shown on the Godfray map of 1849. Les Landes farm is at the bottom of the group, shown as occupied by P Le Gresley. He may not have been the owner [2]

Families associated with the property

  • Dumaresq, possibly the family after which the property was named, although this appears to be a relatively recent name.
  • Le Gresley: P Le Gresley on the 1849 Godfray map
  • Le Cornu
  • Allo: In 1941 Pierre François Marie Allo (1876- ) and his wife Louise Marie Constance, nee Robin (1895- ) were living here [3]


  • 17 PLCN ♥ ECB ILCN 16 [4] - For Pierre Le Cornu, Elizabeth Gibaut and their son Jean. The heart is upside down and it is suggested that the date records the death of Elizabeth that year. Pierre and Elizabeth married in St Ouen in 1686. We have not been able to place them in any of our trees.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An historic farm group of 15-19th century origins, retaining character and features of interest. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The main house has a three-bay 15th century core, including a hall fireplace of that period, enlarged in the 16th century by an additional three bays. John McCormack in Channel Island Houses notes this is in similar fashion to Mont a l'Abbe Manor.

The house was altered in the 18th century, the style of the uniform unchamfered openings to the façade of the house, including some windows with upright base stones fashionable between circa 1650-1750, indicating the house was refronted at this time. The chamber fireplace is also more likely early 18th century, and the alterations may have occurred around 1715.

The house was further altered in the 19th century, with a rear lean-to extension and raised roof. The outbuildings are principally 19th century, with some fragments of earlier walls evident.

The main house is two-storey, six-bay with rear lean-to extension. The western three bays include windows with upright base stones. There are doorways in the second and fourth bays - the latter enlarged with brick dressings.

Old Jersey Houses

The property is included briefly in Volume Two, although its age suggests that it should have been in Volume One. The entry wrongly shows the datestone as 17 PLCM ♥ EGB ILCM 16, but suggests that the 'M' may have been intended to be 'N' because of a long-standing Le Cornu family presence in the neighbourhood.

The entry also mentions a 17th century fireplace on the ground floor. There is a three-foot thicm internal wall which may previously have been an outer wall. It is suggested that the section beyond this was built in 1716, but as is indicated above, an alternative view has been given for the use of this date on the datestone.

Notes and references

  1. The windswept north-west corner of the island
  2. All occupiers' names start with M for Monsieur
  3. We have not been able to find their marriage record, nor to place them in either of our Allo family trees
  4. Not PLCM and ILCM, nor 1715, as wrongly shown by HER and OJH
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