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Maison St Marculf, on the corner of Green Street and Route du Fort, has long been known to most islanders as The Limes. We previously mistakenly showed a photograph of the building in our historic hotels section, but it was originally purchased on his arrival in Jersey in 1882 by Pere Michaux, one of the Roman Catholic priests responsible for the growth in the Catholic community in Jersey in the late 19th century. This was a period when large numbers of people from Brittany and Normandy came to the island to work on farms, many of them settling and raising families.

Pere Michaux initially ran a small juniorate school at Maison St Marculf for mature students. The property had its own chapel.

He ran the school almost single-handedly but after his death in 1894 it proved too expensive to keep going. Within a year of his death the property was sold by the Oblates of the Northern Province to another Catholic order, Les Filles du Coeur Immaculee de Marie, which originated in Rennes.

By 1895, when a small group of sisters of the order arrived in Jersey, they had already opened a number of houses in nearby Brittany. THey began to work as private nurses in St Helier, and then took in patients at Maison St Marculf. The Limes continued as a private nursing home until well into the second half of the 20th century, and is now, having been rebuilt, run by the States.

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