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Les Vaux Farm, Trinity


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Property name

Les Vaux Farm


Rue de La Monnaie, Trinity

Type of property

Much developed early 19th century farm


Sold for £710,000 in 2001

Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Not a listed building, probably because there is little left of historical interest following recent renovations, this farm was built in 1708.

Built early 18th century, circa 1708 and shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Originally a two-storey, three-bay house, this property has been dramatically changed by extensions and alterations in the 20th century

Notes and references

  1. Although it would seem likely that Frederick John was a descendant of either Pierre or Josue, who owned Les Vaux and erected the datestones mentioned below, we have been unable to establish a relationship. There seem to be two distinct branches of the Nicolle family involved
  2. Not direct descendants of Pierre and Jeanne, but second cousins three times removed
  3. Found inside the house and placed in a garden wall, according to the Datestone Register. But HER also places this stone at another Les Vaux elsewhere in the parish
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