Les Noyers, Trinity

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Les Noyers, Trinity


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Property name

Les Noyers


Profonde Rue, Trinity

Type of property

Former farm


No recent transactions. The property has been owned by Jersey Zoo since the 20th century

Families associated with the property

  • Du Feu: Alfred John du Feu (1901- ), son of Nicolas and Marguerite Rachel, nee Picot, was living here when he made his will in 1939


There has been much confusion over these five datestones in both the Datestone Register and HER entry, but as shown below they all fit perfectly into the associated family tree, which was added to this website in 2012

  • NDF 1754 MLR - For Nicolas Du Feu and Marie Le Riche [1]
  • NDF ♥ EHC 1796 - For Nicolas du Feu [2] and Elizabeth Hocquard
  • 18 NDF ♥♥ ESLR 52 - For Nicolas du Feu [3] and Elizabeth Sophie Le Riche
  • 18 NDF ♥♥ ALR 70 - For Nicholas Du Feu [4] and Anne Le Riche
  • 18 NDF ♥♥ MRPC 99 - For Nicolas Du Feu [5] and Marguerite Rachel Picot

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A mid-late 19th century farm group, retaining original exterior features and character. Mid-19th century house with 1870 west dower wing and outbuilding ranges enclosing yard to north, and further 1899 extension to east of house.

Earlier property on the site shown on Richmond map.

Former farm group comprising main house (three-bay, two-storey) with three-bay dower wing to west and three-bay wing to the east; with ranges of outbuildings enclosing a yard to the north.

Notes and references

  1. This stone has been read as NDF ALR (and also VLR) and identified with Nicolas du Feu and Anne Le Riche. There was no such couple. Nicolas and Marie Le Riche were married in 1750 and were the grandparents of the Nicolas on the 1796 stone
  2. Grandson of Nicolas and Elizabeth, and grandfather of the next Nicolas
  3. Grandson of Nicolas and Elizabeth
  4. Son of Nicolas and Elizabeth Sophie
  5. Son of Nicolas and Anne
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