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Les Carrieres Cottage, St Martin


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The former main house, now demolished

Property name

Les Carrieres Cottage

Other names

Les Carrieres - original house now demolished


Grande Route de St Martin, St Martin

Type of property



The house was sold for £425,000 in 2003, since when the property has been divided. 2 Les Carrieres sold for £540,000 in 2015 and No 3 for £650,000 in 2018

Families associated with the property

  • Asplet
  • De Gruchy
  • Dolbel


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A converted late 19th century subsidiary building to a now demolished farm group, which includes a fine and relatively rare example of a 17th century archway. Possibly the pedestrian part of a double arch, or possibly repositioned from elsewhere. It is a nine-block granite arch with shouldered springer stones, chamfered and moulded architrave, and carved keystone.

There is a coursed granite roadside wall, dropping where it passes a stream, with iron railings as clairvoyee for views from the road. In the garden a 19th century hand-made brick wall borders a stream - with twisted brick plinths and grotto-type niches decorated with shells and glass, including a 19th century statue, brick duck house and single-span bridge. Links to the site of La Chapelle de St Etienne.

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