Les Alpes, Mont Gabard

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Historic Jersey buildings

Les Alpes, St Martin


Not to be confused with the other Les Alpes on the Faldouet main road, this property, further to the south, also has associations with the Messervy family

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Property name

Les Alpes

Other names

  • Kinta
  • Penalverne
  • Pan y Allt
  • Faldouet View


Mont Gabard, St Martin

Type of property

One of a group of four mid-19th century houses


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Falle
  • Messervy
  • Le Boutillier

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Constructed along with a group of four other similar houses in the area, between the late 1830s and 1850.

Local tradition that the houses were built by a shipping merchant for mariners/shipyard workers.

Les Alpes was built by Jean Elie Falle, who bought the land on 14 December 1850. The earliest transaction for Faldouet Villa is when Jean Messervy bought land from J P Le Lievre on 25 November 1848; the house later sold by Jean Messervy in 1864.

The neighbouring house, Mon Plaisir, was built by Elizabeth Baal (or Bree) on land she bought from Jean Philippe Le Lievre on 4 November 1848; the house later sold to George Messervy in 1864.

The earliest transaction for Clos du Val (previously Belle Vue) appears to show that George Messervy bought the land on 1 April 1837. George Messervy became bankrupt and Belle Vue was acquired by Charles Le Boutillier in 1847. The earliest transaction for Faldouet House appears to show that Charles Le Boutillier bought the land in the 1830s; the house was shown as owned by C Le Boutillier on the 1849 Godfray map; Faldouet House was later inherited by M E Le Boutillier from Charles in 1870. [1]

Old Jersey Houses

Not included

Notes and references

  1. Charles died in 1867. Les Alpes was inherited by his daughter Marie Elizabeth
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