Le Pissot, St Peter

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Le Pissot, St Peter


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Property name

Le Pissot


Route de l'Aleval, St Peter

Type of property

L-shaped farmhouse with very early arch


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Le Sueur
  • Allen: The 1901 census shows army instructor Henry Allen (1863- ), his wife Ellen (1867- ), daughters Edith (1892- ), Elsie (1895- ) and sons George (1898- ), Albert (1899- ) and Wallis (1891- ) living here. Henry, Ellen and their daughters were born in England; their sons after they arrived in St Peter

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Although the internal partitions of this house have been removed, the main unusual plan structure remains intact with the tourelle stair and double pile rooms. The carved lintel of the tourelle and the rare flattened arch and windows in the south gable are also of significance. As a whole the building, shown on the Richmond Map of 1795, retaining its proportions and historic character contributes to the rural setting.

The main house dates from early 16th century. Rare flattened arch - one of two in the island (other La Fontaine in St Saviour) this possibly being the earlier.

Old Jersey Houses

A brief entry in volume one notes that the arch is one of the most unusual in the island, and may be the earliest still standing. It is only 2ft 9in wide and 5ft 3in high, and made up of only seven stones. The house, which also has a stone turelle staircase, was owned in the early 19th century by Philip Francis Le Sueur [1]. There are records at Jersey Archive of land and a spring being requisitioned by the Germans during the Occupation, to construct a new road - Route de l'Aleval - from the Victoria Hotel in St Peter's Valley to the district called Le Pissot

Notes and references

  1. We have not been able to positively identify this owner but he is more likely to have been Philippe Francois Le Sueur, born in St Mary in 1805, the son of Francois and Marie, nee Baudains, who married in Trinity in 1784. They had seven children baptised in Trinity and St Mary between 1785 and 1805, Philippe Francois being the last
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