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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Menage, St Lawrence


Window with carved lintel at Le Menage

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Property name

Le Menage

Other names

Le Menage Farm


Les Petites Rues, St Lawrence [1]

Type of property

Farmhouse with 16th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Laffoley - E Laffoley on 1849 Godfray map [2]
  • Berteau - possibly initials of Mathieu Berteau on engraved lintel [3]



  • MH
  • MBtH - Believed to be for Mathieu Berteau, but no confirmation
  • MDC 1670 - Corbel stone mentioned by HER but not by other sources. Not deciphered
  • 1695 - gable stone with no initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An early example of a Jersey farm house, with origins dating back to the 16th century, retaining notable original features; with good example of mid-19th century dower extension.

Corbel stone replaced facing east after the house burnt down. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Four-bay, two-storey 16th century house with three-bay 19th century dower wing to the west. Pair of dressed granite chimneys with dripstones. First floor windows have stone sills, lintels and uprights and have been heightened by three courses of quoins. The ground floor window to the west of the door has stone sill, lintel and uprights and has been heightened and lowered. The windows to the east of the door have stone sill, triangular uprights and carved chamfered lintels, one red and the other in grey granite. The door, in the second bay, has a roll-moulded surround with chamfered uprights. Moulded lintel with rim and unusual serpentine pattern.

Old Jersey Houses

Vol 1: The plastered facade gave little clue of what was underneath. When the stucco was removed a very fine granite frontage was disclosed with a gable stone dated 1695 (the last digit is uncertain). There are two window lintels, one with MH and the other with MBt on one side of a central stylised motif of a cross, and an H on the other side. Over the front door is another lintel, elaborately carved. The heightened door and windows are consistant with a date of 1695.

Notes and references

  1. OJH gives the address as Ville Emphrie, but that is the district rather than the street address
  2. Probably farmer Elie Charles Laffoley (1809- )
  3. Mathieu Berteau/Bertaut had children born between 1688 and 1715 in the parish (not 1690 and 1700 as shown in OJH). His wife, whose name is unknown, died in 1715.
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