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A guardhouse was built at Le Houguillon in the 18th century as part of the defences of Rozel before the barracks were built in the bay

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Property name

Le Houguillon


Rue de La Piece Mauger, Vingtaine of Rozel, Trinity

Type of property

The main house is believed to have been built in the early to mid-19th century but the single storey adjoining building may prove to be an 18th century dwelling, if not earlier


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Families associated with the property

  • De Gruchy: The de Gruchy family of Le Houguillon had previously lived at the nearby Piece Mauger, which was built in 1728 by Thomas de Gruchy (1674-1762) and had remained within the family until the end of the 20th century. A junior branch was established at Le Houguillon. In 1840, Jean de Gruchy (1783-1863), inherited this house and land from his father, of the same name. He had lived for some years in St John, following the christening of he and his wife`s last child, in 1815, in Trinity. In St John, he had been for several years the minister of an Independent French Congregation, consisting of nearly forty members, before being ordained in 1819 in the Baptist Church. Disillusioned by 1839 with the Baptists, he returned to Trinity and became a Swedenborgian minister. These fledgling churches often met, at first, in private homes, as did the early Christian church of the first century, so there is every reason to believe that this will have been the case at Le Houguillon. In his free time Jean, to judge by census returns, farmed here, as did his son. He died in 1863.
  • In 1851 John de Gruchy (46) a schoolmaster and farmer and Thomas' great-great-grandson, lived at Le Houguillon with his wife Sophia, nee Falle, their son and two daughters, and John's father, the abovementioned John, and mother Marie, nee de Gruchy. Their own son, Jean de Gruchy (1828-1865), became a solicitor, having offices in the Royal Square. A second son, born the following year, William Falle de Gruchy, was also a schoolmaster. John died in 1876 and in 1881 Sophie continued to work the farm at the age of 74, assisted by her son and daughter. She died in 1895.
  • Renouf: The house was in the Renouf family later because farmer Charles Renouf, his wife Louisa and their family were shown as the occupiers in the 1901 census.
  • Martin: In 1924 a will was registered for Marie Louise Martin, living at Le Houguillon, widow of François Marie Jégu.
  • Renouard: In 1941 the house was occupied by John Philip Renouard and his wife Elise, nee Renouf.

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