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A history of Le Hocq and Pontac

Coast: Le Hocq, one of the stops on our coastal tour of Jersey NEW

This is the earliest known picture of Le Hocq Tower, one of Jersey's round coastal towers which were built to protect the island from invasion by the French in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Le Hocq's tower had not been built in 1781 when the French successfully invaded the island just up the coast at La Rocque, leading to the Battle of Jersey. This painting in by W C Stanfield, and it dates from about 1840. There are a dozen other new images of Le Hocq Tower, which now has its own special gallery on the page of pictures of all the towers, several of which have long been lost, either to stormy weather or German explosives in the Occupation
A painting by L de Jersey
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