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Le Coin Farm, St Ouen


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Property name

Le Coin Farm


Ruelle du Coin, St Ouen

Type of property

19th century farm group, now divided into separate units


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


  • PD 1823 JG - this stone, the initials on which have not been deciphered, is not mentioned in the datestone register

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A good example of a 19th century farm group with a fine main house and outbuildings including a stable block and laverie/boulangerie. The outbuildings include an early house, possibly circa 1400, with a fireplace with uprights, lintel resting on corbels and a full-height chimney-hood in the style of a medieval open-hall building - possibly the only example found in Jersey of a hall in its original state. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The older house is very intriguing. This long range appears to represent the remains of a three-bay house with an additional doorway in place of what was originally a window and an abutting-outbuilding, with three very small windows, one of which is blocked up (and all on the ground level only).

It has had a large entrance pierced through in recent times, possibly causing the loss of another two windows. All this would be acceptable if it were not that within this north side is to be found a fireplace with uprights, lintel resting on corbels and a full-height chimney-hood. This is what you would expect to find in an open-hall building of circa 1400, except that all the examples extant have been re-fronted, and sealed with the addition of upper floor windows.

This could, therefore, be the only example left of a hall in its original state, albeit with an entrance driven through.

Two-storey, four-bay main house with remains of older house to west. Detached laverie/boulangerie, stables and outbuildings to south.

Detached laverie/boulangerie, known to have contained a bread oven but having been converted to accommodation, this is probably now lost. Extreme south pigsties: Now partially ruinous and of poor quality construction, with imported red brick and rubble stone.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included, despite very early origins

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