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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Carrefour Farm, Trinity


Not to be confused with Trinity's other Le Carrefour, in Rue de Brabant. A picture of that property was previously included in error on this page

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Property name

Le Carrefour Farm

Other names

Le Carrefour [1]


Rue es Picots, Trinity

Type of property

19th century farmstead, comprising three houses with extensive outbuildings


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Cabot - Thomas John Cabot (1910-1980) was living here in 1941, when the property seems to have been home to a number of different families. The property is believed still to be owned by the Cabot family in 2021


The 1881 census shows Thomas Cabot jnr (49) living at his farm, which had 34 vergees of land, with his children Thomas (23), Eliza (20), Eunice Cabot (18), Esther (15), Emile (7) and Hannah (4). There is no mention of Elizabeth, Thomas' wife.

Ten years earlier Thomas jnr and Elizabeth, plus children Thomas, Eliza, Eunice, Esther and John, were at Le Carrefour Farm, and also living with them were Thomas's father and mother Elizabeth Blampied (strangely described on the census return as mother-in-law) and aunts Marguerite Cabot (71) and Jeanneton Cabot (68).

Back in 1841 the head of household was Thomas snr, then aged about 45; his wife Elizabeth; a younger brother Charles, a sailor; his mother, Elizabeth (70); two other Cabot ladies, Esther (69) and Ann (65), possibly aunts; Margaret (33) and Jane (30), possibly Thomas' sisters: and children Thomas jnr (9), John (8), Charles (6), Elizabeth (4) and Philip (1).


The roadside arch on Rue es Picots
  • 18 TCB ♥♥ EBP 77 - For Thomas Cabot and Elizabeth Blampied
  • TCB ♥♥ EDGC 1888 - For Thomas' father, also Thomas, and Elizabeth de Gruchy, who married in St Helier in July 1830 [2]
  • TCB ♥♥ CELV 1908 is for Thomas Cabot, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Blampied, and his second wife Clara Elizabeth Le Vesconte

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An early 19th century farm group in a prominent location with original features and character.

A row of three two-storey houses and outbuildings.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included

Notes and references

  1. Meaning 'crossroads' it is not unexpected that there are a number of properties of this name in Jersey. It is perhaps surprising that there are actually only six. There are others with longer names and all of them in the north of the island - one in St Ouen, one in St Mary, two in St John and two in Trinity, of which this is the more northerly
  2. We have not been able to establish why the father's datestone is dated 11 years after his son's
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