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Historic Jersey buildings

Laurel Lands Farm, St Saviour


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Property name

Laurel Lands Farm

Other names

Laurel Lands


Route de Maufant, St Saviour

Type of property

18th century farm group


Sold for £1.1 million in 2020

Families associated with the property

  • Falle: Jean Falle was the owner of this property in 1750
  • Beaugie :Josue Beaugie was the owner in 1813, from whose heirs, Francois Ahier bought the house and land, being 26 vergées
  • Ahier: Francois Ahier owned this property but a short while. In 1848, he sold it to his brother-in-law, Elie de Gruchy, owner of the adjoining house, Laurel Lands
  • de Gruchy: Elie de Gruchy named the house and farm, for the first time in its history. It took its name from his home, becoming Laurel Lands Farm. On the death of Elie`s son, in 1869, Laurel Lands and its farm passed to the Ogier family. Miss Maud Ogier recalled to the writer of these lines a girlhood memory of her father, whose horse was stabled here, riding off to his militia duties each Sunday
  • Labbe: In 1941 Louis Maurice Labbe (1878- ) and his daughter Lydia Florence (1913- ) were living here
A roughly inscribed gatepost


There is considerable confusion over two inscriptions said to be found here

  • IBG 1790 - For Josue Beaugie [1]
  • IF ♥♥ IF 1750 - for Jean and Jeanne Falle, who married at Grouville in 1734 [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Farm group, with 18th century origins, retaining historic character and fabric. The farm house and outbuildings create a cohesive whole. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The doors of the wing come from the West's Cinema in town built in the 1920s but demolished. House (2-storey, 3-bay) with outbuildings adjoining to east returning south which, along with outbuildings to west, form U-shaped yard to south of house.

Old Jersey Houses

Included in Volume Two. Ahier or Falle on Godfray Map.

Main house is much altered. All windows, originally with eight-piece surrounds, have been enlarged in all directions. Roof raised when thatch was replaced by slate, and a brick chimney added. The most remarkable interior feature is the staircase, which is a circular wooden flight within a stone tourelle, which has its customary small windows. The treads are not boxed in, and this is attributed to a transitional design. Dairy within the tourelle. Single storey building at right angles, originally thatched and now tiled, contained the boulangerie. The bread oven survives.

The name Laurel Lands must be a reference to the former political party, of which the owner who chose it must have been a supporter.

Notes and references

  1. The Datestone Register says that this stone, interpreted as IBM, does not exist and is a misreading of that described below. That sounds unlikely. IBG read as IBM appears to have been the misreading. Between the Falle and Ahier ownerships of the property, Josue Beaugie was the owner, in about 1790
  2. This stone was previously wrongly read as IF MF, and attributed to Jean Falle and Marie Falle. We have not yet been able to place Jean and Jeanne in our family trees. However, the eminent Jersey genealogist, the Revd, J. A. Messervy, never completed every branch of the Falles, when working upon their genealogy. It may be significant that there was a Jean Falle, shown as a younger son of the Falles of Maufant Farm, on the other side of the road.
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