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Historic Jersey buildings

Laugee Farm, St Helier


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In 2016, as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Richard Smith welcomed cattle breeders from all over the world to his farm

Property name

Laugee Farm


Grande Route de Mont a l'Abbe

Type of property

Farm group with medieval origins. Still a working dairy farm in the 21st century


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Laugée (T. Laugee on the Godfray Map), for Thomas Laugee.
  • Pinel
  • Smith - the house was still in the family's ownership in 2016, when Richard Smith had one of the island's few remaining dairy herds. In 1941 Thomas Clarke Smith (1880- ), and his wife Arica Jane, nee Asplet (1883- ) were the occupants, together with their children Harold Thomas (1913- ), Irene Elsie (1914- ), Reginald Thomas (1917- ) and Ellen Gertrude (1920- ). [1]
  • Blampied


A rental cottage at Laugee Farm
Richard Smith on the front cover of Rural magazine in 2016

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A good survival of a farm group that has evolved over time with evidence of the various phases from medieval to 19th century. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Rare surviving evidence of late medieval features and fabric, indicating an open hall construction. Surviving features such as bakehouse and copper are of social historical value.

Parallel plan farm grouping. The two-cell main farmhouse, possibly originally of mid-15th century construction, evidenced by lamp brackets either side of the fireplace in the east gable wall, stone hood to chimney and stone surrounds to main entrance and windows.

Central rendered round arch entrance with a modern porch. The arch is reputed to be granite and no shoulder stone visible indicating an early arch.

Old Jersey Houses

Listed in Volume 2. There are gateposts at the end of a short drive. That on the left is broken, but is chamfered, and incised with the date 1686. It is likely that this is one of a pair of porch pillars and that the twin would have carried initials.

In 1755 Josue Blampied, son of Nicolas, sold to Rachel, procuratrice of Edouard Lauge, a house on the Fief of Meleches in St Helier, and it seems likely that this is it.

Notes and references

  1. Thomas Clarke Smith was born in St Lawrence, the son of another Thomas Clarke Smith (son of Henry), who came to Jersey from Somerset and married Mary Ann de Gruchy in 1865. Fourteen years later he married Victoria Folliot, daughter of Eugene, also a farmer. Thomas and Victoria had nine children between 1880 and 1895
  2. First storey of the west wing, with the date on a lintel above it
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