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Historic Jersey buildings

Landsdown, St Lawrence


Springland is in the top centre of this satellite view, down a long drive opposite St Matthew's Church and Millbrook Park

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Property name


Other names




Type of property

House, now divided into a number of residential units

Families associated with the property

  • De Carteret
  • Snow
  • Laurens
  • Romeril
  • Boot


  • WS MM - for William Snow and Marie Mauger

Historic Environment Record entry

Not included

Old Jersey Houses

This property is included in the second volume, which suggests that a previous house on the site was built in 1704 by a privateer named William Snow, who put up the datestone shown above. This house was demolished and another built on or near it by Jean Laurens, in about 1880. Following his death in 1913, his widow, Laura Elizabeth Clement, sold it to G A Romeril, whose widow sold it in turn to Sir Jesse Boot in 1924. It is now called Springland and has been considerably altered.

Notes and references

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