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Historic Jersey buildings

Lake Vale, St Ouen


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Property name

Lake Vale

Other names

Lake Vale Cottage [1]


Rue du Val de La Mare, St Ouen

Type of property

Farm group with 17th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

A separate household in 1901 comprised Philip and Esther's farmer son Philip John (1870- ) and his wife Mary Ann (1868- ) and their one-year-old daughter Gladys

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group of 17th century origins, with original cottage and outbuildings of historic significance, retaining character and some early features. The main cottage has a high quality facade. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Main cottage: two-storey, five bays. Western range of outbuildings running east/west. Eastern range running south/north. Later farm house.

This range of outbuildings appear to have originally been a single storey building or pair of buildings. It would have occupied the same footprint as the present structure but was extended up an extra floor in the 19th century. This range is linked to a single-cell, early 18th century building (possible goat-house) of random stone construction, pierre perdu mortar and pantile roof, by a single, early 17th century chamfered (reused) lintel.

The three east bays have stone shouldered openings, circa 1700.

The beam in a ground floor room is softwood, bead edged and 19th century. It has matching morticed-in joists. In the ground floor east room there is a matching beam but with earlier (possibly chestnut) morticed-in joists with beaded edge, but earlier circa 1680.

In this room there is also a stone fireplace that reuses an earlier shoulder stone on the right, and on the left side a bread-oven has been inserted, it has a timber lintel and its present form appears 19th century.

Notes and references

  1. The name of the property, which is close to Val de La Mare reservoir, cannot be derived from that 'lake' because it was known by this name decades before a reservoir was ever proposed for the area
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