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Historic Jersey buildings

La Valeuse, St Brelade


The property in the 1870-80s

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Property name

La Valeuse

Other names

Both are mis-spellings

  • La Valleuse
  • La Valleuse Farm


Rue de la Valeuse, St Brelade

Type of property

18th century farmstead


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Piton
  • Le Brocq: Bought by Philippe Le Brocq in 1729. He had married in 1726, Susanne Le Feuvre, daughter of Clement. Their son Edouard (1735- ), a Master Mariner, had his initials engraved over the front door, to mark his ownership. His heir was his eldest daughter Anne, wife in 1794 of Jean Orange, Constable of St Brelade, 1820-1826, through whom this became an Orange property
  • Orange
  • Allez


  • ELB 1766 over front door. This was Edouard Le Brocq, who was shown as owner in the Appairiement eight years later, in 1774. The datestone had a space which appears to have been left for the initials of Edouard's wife, but they were never added. It was also in 1774 that he married Anne Gibaut of St Lawrence. The marriage is recorded in the registers of both that parish and St Brelade.
  • EHM ♥♥ ELR 1719 - which Old Jersey Houses locates 'near La Valleuse' and the Jersey Datestone Register describes as 'on a semi-derelict property at La Valleuse Farm'.

This stone was inscribed for Edouard Hamon and Elizabeth Le Rossignol, of St Brelade, who married in St Mary in 1708. Edouard, born in 1735, was the son of Philippe Le Brocq and Susanne Le Feuvre, who were married in 1726.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building Fine example of an intact Georgian farmhouse. House, mid-late 18th century with associated outbuildings. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The five-bay house is constructed of granite with dressed stonework on the window and door openings and quoins. The windows are 12-pane sashes with windows of a diminishing scale on the first floor. The roof has raised verges, a pair of granite ashlar chimneystacks with thatch stones and original dormers. The former thatch has been replaced by pantiles.

The interior of the house has a notable survival of contemporary joinery including an unusual dog-leg staircase with closed string and turned balusters, panelled dividing walls and fielded panel doors.

Associated buildings include a four-bay extension on the west side of the house and a small square service building to the east. There is also a detached outbuilding built into the hillside to the east. To the front of the house is a garden with decorative iron gates and steps to the road.

Old Jersey Houses

The name of this house is spelt La Valleuse in Vol 2 of Old Jersey Houses by Joan Stevens, but we believe that it should have a single 'l'. That is how the name of the road in which the house is located is spelt.

The spelling La Valleuse is not a typographical error because it can be found in more than one place in the book. Mrs Stevens suggests that the correct name is actually La Valeure, quoting the Appairiement of 1774, when the house was referred to as situated au pie de la Valeure, implying that it was at the foot of a hill called La Valeure. Valeuse is a Norman name for a small, dry valley. The entry in Volume 2 says that the property passed through the female line and by marriage to the Piton family, and that in 1858 it was bought by another relative, Jean Allez, from Jean Piton, son of Thomas. However, this must be open to doubt because there is no record of a Le Brocq-Piton marriage.

Notes and references

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