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Historic Jersey buildings

La Valette, St Helier


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Property name

La Valette

Other names

  • La Vallette
  • La Pepiniere


Ruelle Vaucluse, St Helier

Type of property

17th century two-storey house

Families associated with the property

  • De ste Croix
  • Le Porcq
  • Stocall
  • Le Marquand - In 1941 Philip Francis Le Marquand (1881- ) and his wife Mary Ann, nee Smith (1889- ) were living here


  • PDB IRA on kneeler
  • PDSX RA - For Philippe de Ste Croix and Rachel Ahier, parents of Edouard
  • EDSX 1704 [1] - At La Pepiniere, for Edouard de Ste Croix, who married Anne Langlois in 1704, but strangely did not include her initials on the stone
  • EDSX KLBL 1759 - For Edouard de Ste Croix, son of Edouard, son of Philippe, and Katherine Le Boutillier

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two-storey, four-bay house shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Part refronted in 1704. Granite chimneys with thatch stones.

The earlier house is now called La Pepiniere - there are small windows and inside huge beams and curved joists (perhaps ships timbers).

Old Jersey Houses

The 1607 Extente records Edouard Le Porque paying Thomas Stockert (Stocall) 19 cabost of wheat annually for ground an old house, which by 1678 had been sold to Philippe de Ste Croix, son of Philippe. [2]

An unusual feature is that the latest house has been built behind the earlier, rather than the other way round, which is more usual.

Notes and references

  1. Not 1706 as shown in OJH
  2. The property may not have been sold because Abraham de Ste Croix married Marthe Le Porcq in 1634. She may well have inherited from Edouard
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