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Historic Jersey buildings

La Reve Cache, St Saviour


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Property name

La Reve Cache

Other names

  • Camelia Cottage
  • Fuschia Cottage
  • Inkerman Lodge
  • Rose Cottage


Route de Maufant, St Saviour

Type of property

Converted 19th century outbuildings


There seems to be some confusion in the property transactions database over the names of individual parts of the property. Inkerman Lodge, described as 'previously Rose Cottage' was sold for £1 million in 2012. Le Reve Cache, described as 'previously Inkerman Lodge' was sold for £780,000 in 2015

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Former mid-19th century outbuildings - part of a cohesive group, when viewed from the courtyard, each with its distinct character. Retains vernacular proportions and historic character including attractive red granite rubble walls of north building, and notable chequered grey and black ashlar stonework on west building.

U-shaped courtyard of converted outbuildings associated with historic farm group, main farmhouse La Reve Cache adjoining to south. West side of courtyard is single storey five-bay building. now Inkerman Lodge.

Notes and references

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