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Historic Jersey buildings

La Grange, Trinity


This is a common property name in Trinity and there are other La Granges in Route d'Ebenezer, Rue de la Falaise, Rue de Cambrai and Ville Machon

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Property name

La Grange

Other names

  • Grange au Coin
  • Grange Grenier
  • Grange L'Ouest


Rud de La Godillerie

Type of property

Historic farmstead, now divided into four separate dwelling units


The property sold for £6737,744 in 2015

Families associated with the property

  • De La Haye
  • Gibaut: It is possible that a Gibaut family was living here during the Occupation, but the existence of several other properties of the same name in the parish makes it difficult to be certain


17.TDLH♥♥ERN.96 for Thomas de la Haye and Esther Renouf, both of Trinity, who married in St Martin in 1760. The datestone is at first floor level on the front of the main farmhouse and matched by another to the right, which has never been engraved

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farmstead developed in several phases, with a notable 18th century farmhouse and ranges of 19th century farm buildings, retaining many original exterior features and character. The buildings are of group value and contribute to the character of the rural landscape.

The farmhouse is of special interest for its architectural design and use of materials. It contributes to its setting and the significance is enhanced by its relationship with the adjacent farm group. The character of the farm group is the result of its historical function and development, and includes two-storey multi-functional ranges which are a key aspect of Jersey farmstead character.

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