La Grande Maison, Trinity

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Historic Jersey buildings

La Grande Maison, Trinity


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Property name

La Grande Maison


Rue de La Croiserie, Trinity

Type of property

Much altered historic farmhouse


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Le Vavasseur dit Durell
  • Beaugeard: Farmer Alphonse Beaugeard, son of Louis Martial Beaugeard, was living here when he wrote his will on 24 July 1919. Born in 1856, he married Florence Coulson Pryor in St Helier in 1898. We have not been able to fit this family into either of our Beaugeard trees

Historic Environment Record entry

Originally a Georgian style building, which was altered so much in the 20th century that it is not a listed building

Old Jersey Houses

The brief entry in Volume One records the presence of one of only two examples of an "in and out trough". It is a large, rough granite trough built into the wall under a window so that it can be filled inside and emptied outside and vice versa. It may have been used to reserve clean water for use in the kitchen or a receptacle in which kitchen scraps were put in to be collected from outside to feed farm animals. The house also has a round arch.

Notes and references

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