La Fosse, St Mt

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Historic Jersey buildings

La Fosse, St Martin


JEP photograph of firemen attending a fire in a shed at the property in 1978

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Property name

La Fosse


Grande Route de Rozel

Type of property

Mid-19th century farm group [1]

Families associated with the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This mid-19th century farm group retains its integrity, with the outbuildings being of finer construction than is usual. The house retains its character outside and inside with some historic features remaining, of particular note are the corbelled fireplaces and staircase.

Former two-storey farmstead with detached two-storey outbuildings running north/south to west; and single storey outbuildings to southwest.

Notes and references

  1. As can be seen in the photograph this three-bay granite house is unusual in that there is no entrance in the front facade. This does not appear to be the original layout, because why would the datestone be a lintel over the centre ground-floor window? It looks as if the front door was replaced with a window at some point in the property's history, with access now in the side gable
  2. This represents a substantial gap between the couple's marriage and the erection of the stone, but it was almost certainly erected when work was undertaken on the premises some time after they moved in. The only record we have been able to find for the family is in the 1851 census. That census did not record addresses, or even roads, in rural St Martin, but the family were almost certainly living at La Fosse. Thomas (1795- ) was farming nine acres, and living with him and Esther (1799- ) were their sons Philip (1825- ) and John (1835- ), both carpenters, youngest son Charles, and daughters Esther, Mary Ann and Marguerite. The couple had a total of nine children. Philippe was born in St Martin, but the next four were baptised in Trinity. Jean, in 1834, was the next to be baptised in St Martin, suggesting that the family may have moved to the parish about then
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