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La Croiserie Farm, Trinity


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Property name

La Croiserie Farm

Other names

La Maison de la Croisée

La Croiserie


Rue de La Croiserie, Trinity

Type of property

Country house with possible 15th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Bisson: Owners of the property from the 16th to the late 18th centuries. Philippe Bisson, Constable of Trinity, 1571-1580, will have lived here, as would his grandson, Michel Bisson, Centenier of Trinity, 1594 until his untimely death in 1606. Another grandson was Jean Bisson (1565?-1646), Advocate and Receiver-General. Marie Bisson (1741?- ), was the only daughter of Daniel Bisson and principal heiress of her uncle, Charles Bisson, [L/C/110/A/25 (1782) at the Jersey Archive]. Her Trinity property in the Vingtaine des Augrès (La Garenne) and that of Croiserie, in that Vingtaine, (La Maison de la Croisée, now simply called "La Croiserie") is thus described in 1771, following the death of Marie`s grandfather, Daniel Bisson (1676-1769), when it was surveyed by virtue of an Act of the Cour d`Héritage: “La Chefve Maison dudit deffunt, offices, tours d`échelles, belle, haye, hogard; Le Jardin aux Herbes; Le Jardin du Hogard; Le Jardin du Douet; Le Clos de l`Ecluse; Le Côtil; Le Clos de Price; La Garande; Le Clos de Chevallier (sic); Le Clos de Jennine; Le Jardin à Poirez; Le Jardin du Mares; Le Clos du Millieu; Le Clos de Guillemine; Le Clos de Briard; Le Taillis; La Gommare; Le Clos du Cornu; Le Champ du Ouest du Clos de Handois; Le Clos de Girard; Le Jardin de Derrière; Le Clos de Haut; Le Jardin de Jean; Le Jardin à Pottage, totalling 59 vergees 26 perches and 10 pieds. She had married in 1765, at St Lawrence, Charles Romeril. Romeril, in right of his wife, sold in 1783 most of this property, including all the Croiserie fields and La Maison de la Croisée (which had probably given its name to the Vingtaine de la Croiserie [Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, in Jersey Place Names, 1, 176], and was afterwards called, more simply, “La Croiserie”) to Hugh du Pont. He sold it on the 8/11/1783 (R.P.65/169) to Me Jean Gaillard, for 12 Quartiers 4 cabots of annual wheat rente.
  • Gaillard: This Jersey family, of Huguenot extraction, lived here from 1783, and throughout the 19th century.
  • de Gruchy: The property was owned in 1909 by Robert Campbell de Gruchy, whose grandmother was Marie Gaillard, and then, until the late 20th century, it was in the ownership of his son, Mr Lincoln Philip de Gruchy, who was there in 1941, during the German Occupation, with his wife, Kathleen Amy, née Romeril (1912- ).


  • 1684 - no initials
  • 1698 - no initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

House of early origins, retaining historic character and some features of interest. Contributes to the rural roadside setting.

This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. It is believed to originate from the 15th century, refronted in 17th century.

Two-storey, six-bay house. Reputedly has 1684 on accolade lintel and a datestone 1698. Evidence of tourelle stair. [1] Converted outbuildings.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included in either volume, despite age of property

Notes and references

  1. The 1771 description of the property confirms the existence of a "tour d`échelles"
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