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Historic Jersey buildings

La Cornuerie Farm, St Brelade


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Property name

La Cornuerie Farm

Other names

  • La Cornuerie Cottages
  • Maison Le Cornuerie [1]
  • Cornurie Farm: As found in 1871 census
  • La Cornurie: As found in 1891 census
  • La Parbatie Farm: As shown in 1871 census to be part of La Cornuerie Farm group
  • Cournerie Lodge [2]
  • Cournerie Farm
  • Cournerie House
  • La Conuerie
  • La Petite Maison, listed separately


Ruelle du Clos du Parcq

Type of property

Farm group divided into separate units


  • Maison La Cornuerie was sold for £60,689 in 2001

Families associated with the property

Notice of a sale in 1902
  • Le Cornu: The name of the property came from the family name Le Cornu, although there is no indication of anyone of this name living there in recent centuries. [3] The occupants shown in 19th century census returns may have been tenants. Although the name is masculine - Le Cornu - ferme is feminine, so the French name would be La Ferme Cornu, or La Cornuerie

Although not affecting the history of the occupants of the farmhouse, the property itself had been added to the holdings of the Seigneurs of Noirmont by the time of the de Quetteville and de Gruchy seigneurs, if not before. During this period, being 1902?-1973, those listed as living at La Cornuerie, will have been, therefore, tenants of the seigneur of that day

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group, now subdivided. La Cornuerie Farm: Early origins, retaining original character and features from 16th and 18th centuries. Five-bay, two-storey farmhouse with lean-to on side.

La Cornuerie Cottages: 18th century, and potentially earlier farm cottage range retaining some original external character and stonework, contributing to group value and the streetscape character of the narrow lane. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Evidence points to origins as 17th century farm building, converted to house in 18th century. Late 20th century alterations.

Notes and references

  1. This is an example of the slightly contrived French often adopted by English estate agents, in Jersey, since the 1960s
  2. These names may be errors in the census, or our errors in interpreting the enumerators' handwriting. The property name has almost certainly always been La Cornuerie, or variations starting Cornu...
  3. Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, in Jersey Place Names, Volume 1, 164 write: "in B [St Brelade]: La Noirmont is mentioned in 1640 as the tenement of Pierre Le Cornu", citing ABSJ (1926), 240
  4. Legal documents may show otherwise. It is unlikely that the name allegedly adopted in 1871 was one suddenly resurrected from the mid-17th century
  5. There is, in this census, confusion between La Cornuerie Farm, it's adjoining cottage, and the three properties on the other side of what became, in the 20th century, known as Noirmont Lane
  6. Philip and Elias Rive and Marie Elizabeth Malzard were siblings
  7. Presumably the son of Philip and Ann from the 1871 census
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