La Chasse, Rue des Vallees

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La Chasse, St Martin


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Property name

La Chasse

Other names

La Chasse Cottage


Rue des Vallees, St Martin[1]

Type of property

19th century house with one wing as separate unit


The property was sold for £1,050,000 in 2007

Families associated with the property

  • Billot: There are at least two properties in the parish called La Chasse, for which the addresses are commonly found in the past as simply La Chasse, St Martin, so it is very difficult to ascertain which families lived in which. However, it is believed that the Billots, who were registered at La Chasse in 1941, lived in this property. They were Charles Philip (1876- ) and his wife Gertrude Mary, nee Perchard (1881- ).
  • Perchard: Also at La Chasse were William George Perchard (1909- ), his wife Winifred Sarah, nee Horn (1911- ) and their children Marion Rosemary and Colin William.
  • Gaudin: This family gave its name to Ville es Gaudin, the district of St Martin close to the parish church in which La Chasse is situated.
  • Le Masurier
  • L'Amy


  • EGD EGD 1807 - For Elie Gaudin and Ester Gaudin, married in St Martin in 1804 [2]
  • AM 1625 - Arch keystone. This stone has not been deciphered. [3]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A mid-19th century house retaining original proportions and character. Main house (five-bay, two-storey) at centre with two wings either side (three-bay, two-storey each) one on the east being La Chasse Cottage. Further wings and outbuildings form a courtyard at the rear.

Old Jersey Houses

The arch is among the earliest which can be dated accurately, and comparison with the one at Bandinel Farm [4] dated 1619, shows a strong resemblance. They are so alike and so near to one another, that it is reasonable to think that the same mason cut them both.

It is thought that there used to be a tourelle staircase.

The facade is slightly unusual in having four windows on the first floor, instead of five, and they are not aligned with those on the ground floor. [5]

On Godfray's map this property belonged to a Le Masurier, and later to a l'Amy

Notes and references

  1. Also adjoining Grande Route de Faldouet
  2. This stone and its various interpretations have caused considerable confusion. It was correctly interpreted by Joan Stevens in the first volume of Old Jersey Houses, but she did not identify the Gaudins who married. By the time she included the stone among the 903 listed in Volume 2 she had somehow changed her mind and interpreted it as EDG EDQ, which was copied by the datestone register. This stone would have been for a de Gruchy-de Quetteville couple, but not surprisingly there was no matching marriage record
  3. Both OJH and the Datestone Register fail to distinguish between two properties called La Chasse in St Martin, both of which are in HER. The register places a stone inscribed AM 1623 at Les Chasses, St Martin. This may be a different stone, or it may be the result of further confusion
  4. A short distance away
  5. The description 'slightly unusual' would perhaps be appropriate, because although not the norm, it is far from uncommon for 17th century Jersey buildings to have unaligned windows. What is a mystery is that, as the photographs on this page show, the ground floor and first floor openings of this traditional five-bay house align perfectly, and HER found nothing unusual
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