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Jutize and de Carteret of Grouville

This article by the Rev J A Messervy was first published in the 1907 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise. It was translated from the original French by Jerripedia editor Mike Bisson

Jersey and Guernsey

The Jutize family, extinct in the male line for nearly two centuries, for a long time held an honourable rank in the Parish of Grouville, where it had been established since a remote date. In the Assize Roll of 1309[1] appeared the names of Raoul (or Ralph) Jutize and Philippe Jutize, both of Grouville. At the same date, we note in passing, this family was also represented in Guernsey, where Jean Jutize was a Jurat.

In 1331 Guillaume and Jean Jutize were owners of lands on the Fief du Roi in Grouville. [2] In 1338 one of the defenders of Mont Orgueil Castle beseiged by Admiral Behuchet, had the name Jean Justice, alias Trypie [3] It is probable that in ancient times this family lived in a village not far from Câtillon, called Ville es Jutizes, because in 1546 there was a mention of La Sergente de la Ville es Jutizes et du Câtillon. [4][5]


Whatever it is, the name has become attached to several places. First there is Rue Jutize, shown on the main maps of Jersey, and also Parc Jutize, on the Fief du Roi, Grouville, Clos Jutize and Piece Jutize, the Cotil de Martin Jutize and Les Buttieres Jutize. A field bearing the last of these names is on Route de l'Arsenal, Grouville. Finally there is a mention of Cotil Jutize in St Peter, on the Vingt Livres fief. [6]

Before giving some details on the branch which is the subject of this study, we recall that a William Justise was, in 1495, Sheriff of Southampton. We believe that he was the same Guillaume Jutize, originally from Grouville. [7]

Among the members of the family Jutize long ago the best known in Jersey was Sire Philippe Jutize, who studied at Coutances and was admitted to the priesthood on 9 March 1508. [8] Martin Jutize and Edouard, his son, nephew and grandson of Sire Philippe, were both Constables of Grouville.

In 1613-14 the younger of the children of Philippe Jutize, son of Edouard, the Constable leased to Pierre Morant, son of Collas, part of their house, with Clos de Jutize and that of Messervy. There is a question in the contract of water from the fountain in one of the rooms of the house. [9] Edouard Jutize, the only son of Philippe, became the owner of the house which earlier belonged to the Amy family, of Rue de Grouville [10] He only left two daughters as co-heirs. The elder married Helier de Carteret, the youngest of La Hague, who following this marriage settled in Grouville. We will speak later of his descendants.

Fiancé imprisoned

The younger, Catherine seems first to have been engaged to Jean Payn: On 15 January 1659 he complained to the Court that Philippe Gaudin had run off with Catherine Jutize, who was already engaged. Philippe Gaudin and his father were sent to prison at the Castle, and Jacques Godfray, guardian of Catherine, had the same fate for having encouraged Philippe in this affair.

Despite these difficulties it did not take long to smooth them out and Philip Gaudin married the young girl a little time afterwards. [11] The possessions of Mrs Gaudin, nee Jutize, were 25 quarters of wheat rent, [12] a considerable sum at the time.

Some secondary branches descendants of Edmond Jutize, younger brother of Sire Philippe, remained in Grouville a little longer than the senior line. Jacques Jutize, elder brother of Edmond, fouageur in Grouville in 1585, married Marthe Morel in 1561, at St Saviour. Jean, his younger brother, married Jeanne, daughter of Lunaire Le Tubelin, denonciateur, [13] and Mabel Jutize, their sister, was the wife of Jean de Ste Croix in 1565.

Jacques Jutize

Jacques Jutize, son of Edmond, was father of

  • Jacques Jutize. He married Catherine, younger daughter of Jean Mourant, son of Jeannin Mourant [14]
  • Martin Jutize. [15] He died in 1629 having married Jeanne Gauvain, and left minor children of whom Abraham Jutize was guardian [16] in 1636. Philemon Jutize, sometimes known as Aymon, belonged to one of these branches. In 1621 he married Esther Millais, and died without children in January 1631. Thomas Payn, son of Thomas; Thomas Payn son of Martin; and the minor children of Jean Paye, son of Thomas, of whom Marie Anthoine, their mother, was guardian [17] were in 1632 the heirs of Philemon Jutize. [18]

Jacques Jutize, elder brother of Martin, had a son Philippe, born in 1590. By his marriage to Catherine Horman in 1624 he had, among other children, Philippe (1625-1648) and Edouard (1634- ) who seems to have lived in the Vingtaine of Longueville, Grouville. He leased his inheritance to Josue Pallot.

Abraham Jutize, mentioned above, was Chef Sergent of Grouville in 1636. By his marriage to Jeanne Laffoley he had a son Jacques in 1621, whose eldest daughter was principal heir - Jeanne Jutize, married in 1672 Edmond Nicolle, son of Clement, son of Edmond.

Jean Jutize

The children of Jean Jutize, son of Edmond, and of Jeanne Le Tubelin (see above) were:

  • Moise ( -1596)
  • Jean, who married Catherine, daughter of Thomas Payn
  • Marie, wife of Jean Fauvel
  • Elizabeth, wife of Martin Payn

Jean Jutize's line seems to have soon died out because in 1658 Philippe Payn, son of Richard, and Martin Payn are mentioned as co-heirs of a Jean Jutize, who we believe to have been the son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Edmond, of whom Judith Touzel, daughter of Hostes and Marie Jutize, was the principal heir. Finally, in 1704, Bernabey Averty was the heir of Martin Jutize, his uncle.

We return now to the descendants of Helier de Carteret and Marie Jutize. This important de Carteret branch is not given in Payne's Armorial of Jersey so it will perhaps be of interest to speak of it in some detail. The decarterets, descendants of the Jutizes, lived in the house which had belonged to the Amys - De La Rue. One finds in effect that in 1688 Helier de Carteret, eldest son of Helier, occupied the maison et menage of Jean Amy, de La Rue. [19]

On the other hand, in 1717 Amice de Carteret, son of Amice, son of Helier, son of Helier, lived by precedent and seniority in 'Maison de la Rue, its outbuildings and four vergees of land, and Maison de la Ville'; [20] three muskets were in his inheritance. [21] Maison de la Rue seems to be that which is now called Carteret, at the junction of Rue Jutize and Rue de Grouville. It belongs to the Hemery family and is occupied by Mr Labey, one of Grouville's Centeniers.

Amice de Carteret

Amice de Carteret, son of Amice, was still a minor when his father died, and during his minority his inheritance, instead of growing, was, it appears, seriously diminished. Proof is in the fact that in 1713 Thomas Hooper and his elder brother Jean were concerned at 'having contributed much to the devaluation and ruin of the possessions of Amice de Carteret, son of Amice, son of Helier, of Grouville'. [22]

Helier de Carteret, only son of this Amice, was sworn in for the first time as Deputy Viscount on the nomination of George Bandinel, Viscount, on 30 August 1735, and again on 17 July 1739. In 1738 he was imprisoned for not having been of the same mind as the Royal Court concerning the execution of one of his duties. But he was released by virtue of an Order in Council which said that he had good reason. [23]

This Helier de Carteret died at the age of 26, leaving two minor sons, Jean and George. They were, some years later, heirs of Sara and Jeanne de Carteret, their great-grand aunts, who died without marrying. In 1753 Judieth de Carteret, their grand aunt, widow of Jacques Filleul, actioned them as heirs for the payment of 100 pounds tournois a year each to keep their aunt 'in sickness and in health'. [24]

The lineage of the Carterets of Grouville died out in 1761 with the death of George de Carteret who, like many of his ancestors, had been Constable of Grouville. It is worth mentioning that at this time there were in the family three contemporary dowagers: the widow of George de Carteret, his mother and his grandmother. The principal heir of George de Carteret was Jacques Filleul, his cousin, only son of Jacques Filleul and Judith de Carteret.

This Jacques Filleul only left a daughter, Suzanne Filleul, who married for the first time to Cyrus Boyle Brohier, [25] and for the second time to William Bromley. She had two daughters and co-heirs who married Richard Young Vance, military surgeon, and George Symes Hooper. The descendants of Dr Vance are now the representatives of the family which is the subject of this article.

Family tree


Descendants of Richard Jutize

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