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John Whitley Nicolle


Mr Jack Nicolle dies in Germany - From the Evening Post

Another Jersey victim of ‘Horror camp’

We regret having to inform our readers of the death of another Jerseyman in Germany, victim of the Nazi prison camp system. The news has come to the island in a letter received by Mrs Nicolle, of 57 David Place, formerly of East Lynne, Maufant, which tells her of the death at Dortmund, Germany, in January 1944, of her husband, John Whitley Nicolle, better known as Jack.

The deceased, it will be remembered, was concerned in the St Saviour wireless case and was arrested on 8 March 1943. On 9 April he was sentenced to three years imprisonment and his wife to six and a half months. He left the island on 5 May 1943 and proceeded to Fort de Hauteville, Dijon, France, but was taken from there on 19 December for Bochum in Germany.

The letter conveying the sad news comes from M Verbene Amart, Rue de la Foile, Courtrai, Belgium, a great friend of the deceased, who was with him at Bochum. M Amart says Mr Nicolle was taken to Dortmund, where he died from lack of food and overwork after only six months stay.

The writer says:”Bochum camp was bad, but it was a palace compared with Dortmund. I regret not seeing him before he died. I shall always remember him as a great friend. If he had lived it was his wish that we should have visited one another. I share with you your very great sorrow: you have lost a good husband and I a great friend.”

The deceased was a son of Mr Fred Nicolle, of Oakland, St Saviour, and a son-in-law of Mr and Mrs W Picot, of Windy Ridge, Manor Park

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