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Jersey Harbour,


Jersey Harbour is a small community in Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, about 3 km northeast of Harbour Breton

Jersey Harbour, Newfoundland. A painting by Philip Ouless in the Jersey Heritage collection

Nicolle and Company

The firm of Nicolle and Company from Jersey set up at Jersey Harbour some time between 1789 and 1803 and became one of the first major mercantile operations in Fortune Bay. The company immediately recruited servants in Jersey and later in Dorset, 40 arriving from Jersey in 1803. In that year there were 95 men fishing from the settlement.

The company's small schooners collected fish all along the south coast for export to Europe. In 1863 Nicolle began operating under the name Nicolle de Quitteville and Company, and continued to operate from Jersey Harbour until 1872, when it was bought out by De Gruchy, Renouf, Clement and Company. When that company declared insolvency in 1886, the Jersey connection was broken. Other merchants operating there around this time were F P Jean and J Mauger.

When Newfoundland's first official census was taken in 1836, Jersey Harbour had a population of 108. In 1869 the population was 155.

By the mid-1870s the Fortune Bay fishery began to decline from overfishing of herring. When more and more fishermen turned to the bank fishery, the population of Jersey Harbour declined by 1884 to 123. The inshore fishery rebounded during the first decades of the 1900s and by 1921 the population had peaked at 210.

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