Jeffrey's Leap

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Jeffrey's Leap


A rocky outcrop above Anne Port Bay on the north-east coast of Jersey is known to locals as Jeffrey's Leap

The rock, also known as Le Saut Geffroy (Le Saout Geffray) is reputed to be an ancient place of execution where criminals were thrown into the sea.

According to folklore, a man named Geffroy was found guilty of a crime against a woman, and was sentenced to be thrown down over the cliff into the sea.

Without doubt the people gathered there specifically to see this punishment, the women especially were there in large number.
The prisoner was led there by two guards and, at the given moment, thrown into the sea by the hangman of this time.
By a large stroke of luck the malefactor fell into the sea without injury and, able to swim like a fish, returned in no time.
There was great excitement amongst the crowd, and there were those for excusing and freeing the runner, because he well
deserved it since what had been such a marvellous escape, others thought that he had been condemned to die and,
so, what he needed to do to rectify it was again to suffer the consequences.
But he, Geffray, off his own bat and with much bravery offered to repeat this great leap into the sea..
It’s true, but........! This time,well, he knocked his head on a rock in the sea, or under the water, and was killed!
Always since that time we have called this cliffhead Geffray’s Leap, or like they say in St Martin, Le Saout Geffray.
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