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Jacques Pipon

Jacques Pipon (1746—1814), the second son of Thomas Pipon (son of Thomas, son of Jacques) of St Aubin and Anne, daughter of Michel Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament, was at the centre of a major political row after his re-election as Constable of St Brelade while he was also Receiver-General

Political leanings

Born in St Aubin in the house on the quay now called Ambleve House, in 1746, and baptised in St Brelade Church, Jacques Pipon was the centre of the first big fight betwen the Charlots and Magots. His mother was a sister of Charles Lempriere, the Charlot leader, but he married in 1767 Esther Dumaresq, sister of Jean Dumaresq, leader of the Magots. Although he had strong family links with both camps, he joined the Magots.

On 11 Jan. 1772 he was appointed Receiver-General, an office which he held for nearly 43 years. In 1776 he was elected Constable of St Brelade, and no one opposed his swearing-in. When he was re-elected in 1779, the Court refused to administer the oath on the ground that the offices of Receiver and Constable were "egregiously incompatible".

A new election was ordered, at which Pipon was re-elected by an increased majority. The Court then referred the question to the Privy Council and meanwhile ordered the senior Centenier to represent the parish in the States. But, when he took his seat, the Magots carried a motion that, as the Constable of St Brelade had not been summoned, the Assembly was incomplete, and could not proceed to business.

Charles Lempriere, the Lieut-Bailiff, retaliated by refusing to summon any more meetings of the States. This brought the business of the island to a standstill, so General Conway, the Lieut-Governor, appealed to Pipon, and he consented to stand aside, until the Council had given a decision.

A new election was held, and his brother-in-law, Edouard Remon, became Constable. In November 1781 the Council decided that the two posts of Constable and Receiver were not incompatible, and in 1782 Pipon was re-elected Constable. He was elected again in 1785, 1788, and 1791.

He died on 16 September 1814, and was buried at St Brelade. He had four daughters, Anne, who married Jacques Pipon (son of Thomas, son of Josue); Esther, who married Lieut John Gordon RN; Mary, who married Philip, son of Sir Jean Dumaresq; and Elizabeth, who married, Peter Schooles and later John Nesbit.

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