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Historic Jersey buildings

Ivy Gate, St John


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Property name

Ivy Gate

Other names

  • Ivy Gate Lodge


Grande Route de St Jean, St John

Type of property

Classically proportioned 19th century former farmhouse and outbuildings, subdivided into separate units in the 21st century


  • Ivy Gate was sold for £1.2 million in 2006. A granite outbuilding was sold for £510,000 in February 2007 and the house for £800,000 the following month. In 2008 the southern part of an adjoining building was sold for £785,000. The sale of Ivy Gate was recorded again in 2012 for £1,350,000
  • Ivy Gate Lodge was sold for £185,000 in 2013 and £790,000 in 2016
  • Ivy Gate Barn was sold for £935,000 in 2017

Families associated with the property


PAL CDQ PAL 1728 - For Philippe Anley and Catherine de Quetteville and their son Philippe [1]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A classically proportioned and well executed early-mid 19th century rural house, retaining original features and character, with associated farm group including 17th century arch.

Former farm group comprising five-bay, two-storey house with single-storey wing to the east; three-bay, two-storey dower wing (lodge) to the west; and farm building to the north along roadside.

The house emulates the polite architecture of Georgian fashion but with a continuing local character:

Granite outbuilding projecting to the north incorporates two archways with brick voussoirs at ground floor level and a double-storey carriageway with granite voussoirs and enlarged granite springer.

The stone boundary wall incorporates a chamfered Jersey round arch (possibly reused from an earlier building).

Notes and references

  1. We are not sure where they got their information from - not the Jersey Datestone Register, which is correct - but HER shows the stone as PAL CDQ FAL, and attributes it to Philippe Anley and his son Francois. Philippe and Catherine did not have a son Francois, but they probably did have a son Philippe, baptised in St Lawrence in 1703. The datestone register failed to find their marriage, saying that it predated St John records. That is incorrect. Our database contains St John marriages back to 1588, and the first Anley marriage in 1627. This does not help with this particular marriage because Philippe and Catherine were married in St Martin in 1798. They must have moved around before they settled at Ivy Gate because their first two children were baptised in St Peter. We have not been able to place them in any of our Anley trees
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