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Humphries butcher


From The Jerseyman, 1911

Humphries' butchery
A picture from Jersey Illustrated Weekly in 1913 by Percival Dunham
If there be one thing we like in connection with any business, it is to see the master himself behind the counter, and thus it is always a pleasure for us to step inside Mr T Humphries' well-stocked shop in the Meat Market and to see him personally directing the work.

To his own initiative and dogged perseverance must be attributed his proud position today as one of the most prosperous tradesmen of the town, to say nothing of the country, for he delivers throughout the Island every day.

Meat wars

Our readers will remember the historical "meat war" of a few years back, when Mr Chilcott, of Guernsey, opened here with a fanfare of trumpets and threatened to annihilate the whole of the local retail butchers.

Humphries was, however, ready for him and there ensued the fiercest fight in the local annals of trade. Saturday after Saturday saw huge crowds around each establishment, and it was difficult to say who was going to win; but in the end Jersey trade prevailed, but at what a cost. The enemy retreated, badly beaten, and another attack is improbable.

Since this memorable fight, the Jersey public has nobly rallied round the man who saved the situation, a fact which is proved when we state that Mr Humphries has trebled his business in two years.

His success can be attributed to several reasons. First of all, he sells meat for what it is, refusing to sell Canterbury mutton and lamb as Welsh or Scotch. Secondly, he prefers a big turnover at a low profit rather than a small sale at a big profit. In other words, selling as he does tons where others sell pounds, coupled with the fact that he always pays cash for whatever he buys, enables him to buy bargains unapproachable by smaller dealers and places the markets of the world at his feet.

In a word, he is the only existing butcher to bring the price of real good meat within the reach of the poorest. We say "real good meat", for every joint emanating from 9 and 10 Market, is carefully selected for Mr Humphries in England.


No notice of Mr Humphries' business would be complete without a word anent his able staff. He has employees of whom he may well be proud, and every man is a Jerseyman.

To watch operations on a Saturday night is quite an entertainment, the staff led by Mr Charles Kent, Mr Humphries' right-hand man, being kept hard at it right up to closing time and having all their work cut out to meet the requirements of the scores of purchasers who gather around.


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