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Historic Jersey buildings

Highstead, St Saviour


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Property name


Other names


Rue du Tapon, St Saviour

Type of property

Regency style rural villa


The outbuildings and land were sold as a development site in 2016 for £1.6 million, and houses developed there have subsequently sold for between £500,000 and £800,000

Families associated with the property

  • 1805 purchased by Clement Renouf
  • Philip Brocq Sauvage (1841- ) purchased the property in 1876. He settled there as a farmer after a seagoing career. He was a master mariner, as was his father before him. In 1901 he was living at Highstead with his wife Eliza Jane, nee Romeril (1843- ) and children Florence Elize, a schoolteacher; Sydney, Edith, Beatrice, Rowena, Stella, Herbert John, and Edwin
  • Philippe Francois Fremont Ozouf purchased the property in 1905
  • Highstead was inherited by Madeline Florence Brayn in 1934
  • Purchased by Philip Francis Ozouf and Francis Emile Ozouf in 1952
  • Inherited by Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf in 2008



  • IMR 1740 on nearby gatepost to field to south. For Jean Marett
  • PFFO ♥♥ LMC 1928 - for Philip Francis Ozouf and Louise Mary Corbin to mark their purchase of Highstead
  • 19 PFO ♥♥ OTO 65 - for Philip Francis Ozouf, owner of the property and Constable of St Saviour from 1998 to 2007


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

The 1850s farmhouse is a good example of a late Regency style rural villa, and is of interest along with the outbuilding range to the north (originally the 18th century farmhouse). Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Original 18th century farmhouse extended and altered, in mid-19th century and later, into outbuilding range. Principal house built in 1856. The earlier ranges of southern and western farm outbuildings were destroyed by fire in 1928. Additions to farm complex post-1928.

Associated farm buildings, including 1928 L-plan outbuilding to west, north range of buildings, including 1928 pigsties, and other miscellaneous 20th century outbuildings.

The 1850s house has many internal features remaining, including all original doors, porcelain door furniture, gold-leaf beading in the two principal reception rooms, the original mahogany staircase and a gold-leaf over mantle which has a pencil date of 1856. The original farm house retains its identifiable plan form and roof A-frames.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included

After planning approval was given in 2015 the property was totally transformed with a development of terrace and semi-detached houses and apartments, ranging in price from £295,000 to £805,000

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