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Highfield, St Ouen


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Property name


Other names

None known


Route de Vinchelez, St Ouen

Type of property

Victorian country house

Families associated with the property

  • Le Cornu: John Daniel Le Cornu (1820- ), a younger brother of Philippe, of Vinchelez de Haut Manor, lived here and almost certainly had the house built, as it matches others to the south, both in style and evident date, being early to mid-Victorian. A window looks east from this house, and another overlooks the cart track over their land to the north, which leads down to a creek on the north coast, where a crane was mounted. A picture of the crane survives. In the attic of the house, the Le Boutilliers found large, mounted, pepper mills, a reminder that this branch of Le Cornus, are known locally to have acquired their considerable affluence, and two manor houses, from items of commercial value arriving by night in various creeks, depending upon wind direction. Men cloaked in white sheets, played upon the superstitions of the local community, to keep people indoors at night, until `sail had been set` and goods suitably stored--or delivered. John Daniel Le Cornu married Elizabeth Le Gros, sister of Dr Le Gros of Clare Street, St Helier. Their son, Alfred John, a former army captain, was living and farming at Highfield in 1897. His daughter and sole heiress was Rozel Hilda Morris, née Le Cornu, (1882- ). Highfield was sold at about this time to the neighbouring farmer and landowner, Francis Hamon Le Boutillier (1865-1931). Mrs Morris had the heartbreak of losing in action her only son, John Le Cornu Morris (1908-1940), a Lieutenant, R.N., who was serving aboard H. M.S. Jersey, at the time of its loss.
  • Le Boutillier: In 1901 Francis Hamon Le Boutillier (1865-1931) and his wife Elizabeth Ann, nee Le Cornu (1869- ), who married in St Ouen in 1896, were living here with their three-year-old son Francis, Elizabeth's father Charles (1831- ) and mother Rachel Marie, nee Vibert (1829- ), and Francis Hamon's sister Elizabeth Le Boutillier (1861-). During the German Occupation, in 1941, Francis Le Boutillier (1897-1969) and his mother Elizabeth Ann were still living here, together with Francis' wife Eunice, nee de Caen (1897- ) and their son Francis (1920- ); together with Eunice's parents Alfred de Caen (1864- ) and Louisa, nee Le Rossignol (1862- ). Francis (1897-1969), the then owner of Highfield, and was Constable of St Ouen 1929-1937--1956. He then became a Senator, under the States of Jersey`s new constitution, and was elected a Jurat in 1960. His grandson also served the parish of St Ouen, in his case, as a Vingtenier.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This grand house sits within an impressive scenic garden setting. The house retains its mid-19th century character, with some very high quality interior features.

2 storey, 3 bay, double-pile plan. Hipped slate roof with paired chimneys to east and west elevation. Plain rendered finish with rusticated quoins. North wing.

The interior features are of very high quality, notably, 4 panel mahogany doors and dining-dividers. Very ornate ceiling rosettes and border mouldings. Mahogany staircase with wreathed flat-handrail, turned balusters.

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