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Half Way Hotel


This hotel, shown here in 1890, which was built at Millbrook, roughly mid-way between St Helier and St Aubin, many years before the construction of St Aubin's Road in the early 1800s by General Don opened up the route between the island's two main towns, was being run by George Kaill at the time the promotional print (left) was produced in about 1850

An 1850 print of Half Way Hotel
1881 advert

The signs on the building show that it was known both as Half Way Hotel (the gable end) and Half Way House (over the front door).

The property offered a tea garden, skittles and quoits, and stables at the rear.

George Kaill came to the island from Portsea in Hampshire. He was married twice and had three children, two born in France, but when he died at the age of 56 in 1864, two of his children and both wives were already dead.

Blampied family

The property did not belong to George Kaill, but was in the Blampied family for over 100 years. In 1788 it was owned by George Blampied, and it then passed to his elder son Philippe, a sea captain, and then to his younger son George. It was let to a number of landlords until in 1878 it was sold to Elie Le Blancq, who owned adjoining properties and ran the hotel himself. His descendants were to run the hotel, a grocery store and bakery for the best part of a century.

Among the tenants during the Blampied family's ownership were John Readon, who ran it as a public house in the 1850s, Francis Brown, whose business was described as an inn in 1861, and his widow, who was running a hotel ten years lager.

Le Blancq family

Elie Le Blancq's son, Elie Nicolle Le Blancq, traded as a wine and spirit merchant from the property in 1881, and his son Arthur James Le Blancq, opened the bakery early in the 20th century. In the 1800s, before parish halls were built, inns were used for parochial business, and in January 1884, although St Lawrence Parish Hall had, by then, been built, the dog tax was still being collected at Half Way Hotel, at the rate of 2s 6d for the first, and 5s for subsequent dogs.


St Lawrence - A Celebration of our Parish, 1999

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