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The Guernsey Flag

The flag of Guernsey was adopted in 1985 and consists of the red cross of St George with an additional gold cross within it. The change was prompted by confusion at international sporting events over competitors from Guernsey and England using the same flag. It was designed by the Guernsey Flag Investigation Committee, chaired by the then Deputy Bailiff Sir Graham Martyn Dorey and first flew in the island on 15 February 1985. The gold cross represents Duke William of Normandy, who, it is claimed, had such a cross on his flag in the Battle of Hastings, given to him by Pope Alexander II. A red ensign with the cross in the fly is used as civil ensign.

The gold cross is said to have appeared on the Gonfalon (a banner) of William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings in 1066, and can be seen on the Bayeux tapestry.

Prior to this the plain St George's cross was used. As this could be confused with the same flag as used by England it was felt a distinguishing design should be used.

An ensign also exists for Guernsey vessels. This consists of the Red Ensign with the gold cross of William in the fly.

Historical flags

The previous flag of Guernsey was the St George's Cross.

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