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Judicial Greffe


William Venables Vernon was a distinguished Greffier who later became Bailiff

Cleric and Registrar of the Court and Keeper of the Records

From the 13th to the 16th century he was called the Clerc de la Cour. He had charge of all archives of Court and States. Financial disputes and other matters were often sent before him as Greffier Arbitre. In the States his duties included drawing up in due form proposals and amendments, and drafting the final Acts. At one time he used to count the votes, and announce the results. Since 1931 he is known as Greffier Judiciaire, and a separate Greffier performs the duties connected with the States of Jersey. The Ecclesiastical Court has always had a Greffier of its own.

Today the Judicial Greffier and his department (Greffe) provide a wide range of functions for the Royal Court and lower courts

Samedi Section

  • Managing actions pending before the Royal Court
  • Taxing of Costs
  • Administering the Legal Aid Disbursements Fund
  • Processing Appeals from the Magistrate’s, Youth and Petty Debts Courts
  • Registering Doctors and other professional persons
  • Registering Deeds Poll
  • Registering Foreign Judgments
  • Registering Foreign Maintenance Orders
  • Conducting Dégrèvements (Discumberments of Immovable Property)
  • Managing the Electoral College List
  • Acting as Postal Voting Officer at Public Elections
  • Acting as Greffier Arbitre (Official Assessor or Arbitrator)
  • Drafting Rules of Court
  • Holding and investing monies paid into Court
  • Processing Liquor Licences (issued by the Licensing Assembly)
  • Processing Gambling Licences (issued by the Gambling Licensing Authority)
  • Preparing Petitions of the Superior Number of the Royal Court to Her Majesty in Council
  • Registration and Indexing of Orders in Council

Public Registry

  • Maintaining the Registre Public (Public Register) of Contracts
  • Providing Certified Extracts from the Books of the Public Registry
  • Registering and Lodging of Wills of Immovable (Real) Property
  • Registering Immovable (Real) Property and associated Contrats (Contracts)
  • Registering and Cancelling Judicial Hypothecs (Reconnaissances)
  • Registering Powers of Attorney

Probate Section

  • Granting Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Overseeing the Curatorship system

Family Section

  • Filing petitions and administration of applications for divorce
  • Hearing Summonses and making ancillary orders in matrimonial causes
  • Assessing maintenance in other family matters (pension alimentaire)
  • Preparing and submitting applications for adoption and processing subsequent paperwork

Interlocutory Services

  • Hearing Summonses and making orders in interlocutory (civil) matters
  • Making Orders for service of legal process out of the jurisdiction and for substituted service

Appellate Section

  • Processing cases on appeal to the Court of Appeal
  • Recording and Indexing appeals to the Privy Council
  • Transcribing Judgments
  • Recording and Transcribing Evidence
  • Maintaining the Unreported Judgments Series
  • Forwarding Judgments to the Editor of the Jersey Law Reports
  • Acting as Secretary to the Prison Board of Visitors

Magistrate’s, Youth and Petty Debts Court

  • Providing for the operation of the Magistrate's Youth and Petty Debts Courts

Other Services

  • Attending sittings of all Courts and Tribunals as Clerk
  • Issuing and Enrolling Acts of the Court
  • Advising on procedural Law
  • Promoting law reform in the context of the Department’s service areas
  • Taking Evidence in Chambers for foreign Courts

Holders of Office

14th Century

  • Laurens de Sevenok 1306
  • Philippe de Brabant 1328
  • Nicolas Hubert 1379

15th Century

  • Thomas Lempriere 1489

16th Century

  • Guillaume Gosselin 1524
  • Nicolas Gosselein 1560
  • Francois Sarre 1562
  • Nicolas Guillaume 1573
  • Jean Herault 1573

17th Century

  • Abraham Herault 1615
  • Jean Durell 1624
  • Philippe Le Geyt 1631
  • Thomas Durell 1642
  • Helier Hue 1644
  • Edouard Messervy 1654
  • Daniel de la Place 1655
  • Helier Hue 1660
  • Philippe Le Geyt jnr 1660
  • David Bandinel 1670
  • George Syvret 1676
  • Josué Pipon 1694

18th Century

  • Jean Dumaresq 1700
  • Jean Pipon 1730
  • Philippe de Carteret 1747
  • Philippe de Carteret (son of above) 1767
  • Philippe de Carteret (son of above) 1786
  • Jean de Veulle 1795

19th Century

  • Francois Godfray 1812
  • Charles de Ste Croix 1846
  • Charles Ahier 1859
  • Gervaise Le Gros 1861
  • William Henry Venables Vernon 1876
  • Walter Bertram Godfray 1880
  • Humphrey Marett Godfray 1889
  • Ernest Le Sueur 1892
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