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The church has an octagonal shaped interior

This church, which is of considerable architectural importance, was built in 1855, to a design by Poulton and Woodman, on the site of a previous church built in 1807. This was the first non-conformist chapel in Jersey and must have been a very isolated building when it was erected, because Halkett Place did not exist until 1825 and the area to the north of King Street was meadowland. It was originally a French Congregational church.

In his 1977 Buildings in the Parish of St Helier C E B Brett noted that the building was under threat of demolition and pleaded for its retention.

"This would be a great shame. The form of this church is related quite closely to that of an Elizabethan theatre like the Globe and, with supporting facilities in the church hall at the rear, it could become a successful and flexible (and much-needed) arts centre, concert hall, threatre-in-the-round, and exhibition room for both town and island."

Those comments predated the establishment of an Arts Centre in Philips Street and the conversion of St James's Church into a concert venue, and the Halkett Place church remains in use today as a place of worship.

Brett described it thus:

"A small but tall dark-grey stone church with dressings which mostly turn out to be of cement, though, before patching, of Caen stone, the ornate finials alas removed. In the early decorated style of Gothic architecture. THe cross in the quatrefoil above the centre window disconcertingly made of ventilating tiles. Very good railings, nicely painted. The interior, polygonal, with a gallery - a second gallery was projected, but never built - borne on 14 very tall columns of Caen stone, divided by pointed arches with foliaged capitals very crisply carved, and good (painted) stone pulpit with ornate railings. Concealed 'single pew' behind the pulpit. Central roof lantern, on timber hammer beams. Nicely painted and varnished timbers."
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