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Historic Jersey buildings

Domaine de La Vallette, St John


This property should not be confused with La Vallette, a National Trust property also in St John

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Property name

Domaine de La Vallette

Other names

  • La Vallette
  • La Vallette Farm


Rue du Sorel, St John

Type of property

Substantial country property probably based on original 17th century house


Offered for sale in the 1990s for £5.5 million

Families associated with the property

  • Queree
  • Hamon
  • Smith: Mr and Mrs Greg Smith owned the property in the 1990s


  • 1606, with no initials, on a lintel [1]
  • GBR 1772, on a fireplace - not interpreted
  • EQR 1711 - For Edouard Queree, probably married to an unknown Elizabeth in St John in 1706
  • CHM JMZ 1828 - For Clement Hamon and Jeanne Malzard, both of St John, married in St Helier on 26 January 1826 [2]
  • PCHD ♥♥ DFAM 1972 - over new entrance

Historic Environment Record entry

Two-storey, five-bay house, featuring four datestones. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. There is a legend of a chapel on the site but there is no documentary evidence to support this.

Old Jersey Houses

The property had evidently already changed considerably between the entry in Volume One which describes it as among the very few single-storey houses with 17th century features, and the HER inspection, when a decision was evidently taken that the property was not worth listing

£5.5 million would scarcely buy a parking space in St Helier these days, but 25 years ago, in the mid-1990s it was a lot of money and bought you a lot of house, as this article on La Vallette Farm, Sorel, St John, from Inside Jersey magazine showed. Even at such a 'bargain price' it seems that buyers were not queuing to acquire the property

Notes and references

  1. This stone, shown by HER as 1616 but OJH as 1606, is quoted by the latter as evidence of one of the earliest dated houses in Jersey
  2. We have not been able to place this couple in any of our family trees
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